Deep In Dresden

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Deep In Dresden - Jacob Korn

Interview mit Jacob Korn bei Zero“
via Jacob Korn

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burial interviews

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um sich schon mal aufs neue album einzustimmen …

Kode9 Interviews Burial for Hyperdub Records

But this one has more little bits of vocals glowing in it, flickering around and burning in the tune, messed with.

Interview to Dan Hancox for the Guardian

I want it to be like a little sanctuary. It’s like that 24-hour stand selling tea on a rainy night, glowing in the dark. It’s pretty simple.

FACT Magazine Interview

I think I can maybe make that sound better than I can make a club tune. I can’t make super-tunes, but I can make eerie tunes…quiet and rolled-out, with the elements out of reach.

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)EIB( interview

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„if people go on napster or wherever and download our tunes before they’re even released, it’s going to fuck up all our writings and we’re just not going to release tunes anymore. and that’s just what’s going to happen to every artist and there’s not that many people making good d&b.“

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john b interview

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„when john b agreed to take part in an interview with dnbhq, his conditions were no more than five questions, and they had to be funny…“
nun, sooo lustig sind sie nun auch wieder nicht, dafür aber sehr aufschlussreich hinsichtlich des beliebten themas ´mixen mit vinyl oder cd´:
„if there were pioneer cdj 1000s everywhere i go, i probably wouldn´t use vinyl anymore.“

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eniac interview

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„das problem in england ist, dass die meisten Leute im drum&bass keinen anderen job haben. sie möchten, dass drum&bass ihr job ist. und dann mit einem mal machst du deinen job unter dem druck geld zu verdienen, zum überleben und dann kannst du nicht experimentell sein.“
sehr offen und lesenswert!

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native instruments interview

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kabuki spricht über seine musikausbildung, sein label precision und die arbeit im studio bzw. club. lesenswert!

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interview mit mainframe von precision

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groove.ca interviewt mainframe und „entlockt“ freudige neuigkeiten aus dem hause precision:

The 21st release ´p21´ by Pentagon is going to be released at the end of April. Pentagon are two Japanese guys from Tokyo we were working with on some other projects. One track ´Taser´ was co-produced by Kabuki when he was in Japan last time. The next releases are nearly fixed, so you can count on a Kabuki 12″, a Miguel Ayala 12″ and maybe a Mainframe too.

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