Wahnsinn: Vintage Drag Race VW Bus Motorcycle

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Vintage Drag Race VW Bus Motorcycle

Handmade 19′ long VW Bus. Powered by a Radical Custom Chopper Bike located in the back.

Vintage Drag Race VW Bus Motorcycle

The vehicle above is the first of its kind. It utilizes the dual use of a fully functional Drag Style Custom Motorcycle that „pushes the VW Bus“ down the road at Interstate speeds. Upon arriving at the destination, the motorcycle is removed like „coming out of a trailer,“ then the day begins with just you and your bike.

via xs-blog, Bilder von vw4ever, Infos von amendesigneng.com

2 Reaktionen auf „Wahnsinn: Vintage Drag Race VW Bus Motorcycle“

  • Robert Maaser
    31.07.2013 00:35

    Who made this I want to see more of it


  • michael
    27.11.2013 23:48

    How much this cost you to build I like to build one like this?

    Your friend,



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