Free Dubstep For Deep Heads Mix: „Lost In Deep“ – Mixed by Synkro

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Dubstep for Deep Heads are proud to present a first in a new series „Lost In Deep“, mixed by one of the most well respected and diverse producers in deep electronic music, Synkro! A true pioneer of the deeper side of the Dubstep scene, Synkro shows us what he can do when he cooks up some seriously intelligent ingredients in the mix.
The mix takes you on a journey of soulful, mindful music that is an absolute joy to listen to.
A selection of hand picked classics come courtesy of 2 of the deepest Dubstep labels around, On the Edge Records and Smokin Sessions. Both labels have an outstanding catalogue that contain some of the most well respected music the Dubstep scene has too offer today. DFRNT, Indigo, DJ Rum, Reso & ID, Cardopusher, Lewis B and Vivek all feature on this sublime mix of deep vibrations and as if the names on this mix weren’t enough to wet your appetite, there are some unreleased tunes from Synkro, Indigo and Lewis B!

Free „Lost In Deep“ Mix by Synkro


1. Synkro – Lost 4 Words
2. Dj Rum – Tension
3. Cardopusher – Taken For A Ride
4. DFRNT – Headspace (Scuba Remix)
5. Dj Rum – St Martins
6. Indigo – Creep
7. Synkro – Angels Vip
8. Dj Rum – Plead With Me
9. Reso & I.D. – Torvus
10. Indigo – Cosmos
11. Synkro – Tell Me
12. Lewis B – Rhodesalicious
13. DFRNT – Dark Jazz (Indigo Remix)
14. Dj Rum – Emerald
15. Synkro – Hold On
16. Vivek – Natural Mystic
17. Reso & I.D. – Engram
18. Indigo – Event B
19. Synkro – Fire
20. Indigo – Kind Of Voodoo
21. Synkro – Everybody Knows
22. Lewis B – Dark Clouds
23. Indigo – Luminescence
24. Synkro – Back Then
25. DFRNT – Tripped (Ital Tek Remix)
26. Synkro – Last Night


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