Free Album: Beezy – Cupids Death

am 27.02.2009 / in musik / unter #

Beezy was feeling pretty bloody romantic over the Valentines Weekend. To show just how much he, and we, love you we’re teaming up to give away an album of 10 BRAND NEW tracks, produced by Heavyweights like Dubface, Cluekid, Joker, Komonazmuk & Guido all in beautiful high-res 320K, stereo MP3! :)

MP3 Link bei RinseFM: Beezy – Cupids Death

beezy Tracklist:
01. Intro (Compiled by Dubface)
02. Loves Calamity (Produced by Cluekid)
03. Virtual Lover Feat. Shadz (Produced by Joker)
04. Whatever The Weather Feat. Shadz (Produced by Guido)
05. A Paper Boys Dream (Produced by Dubface)
06. Lethal Attraction Feat. Shadz (Produced By Komonazmuk)
07. Love In The Past Tense (Produced by Dubface)
08. Cupids Fruits (Produced by Cluekid)
09. The Watcher (Produced by Dubface)
10. Outro (Produced by Dubface)


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